WTC Taichung Services

Trade Information

WTC Taichung maintains close contact with about 300 members and other firms in the area. Trade inquires and information are first free-of-charge distributed to interested members on the basis of their products and business categories. For more information, please mail to

Member Services

Our in-house services encompass multi-lingual interpreters, temporary secretaries, catering services, hotel reservations, and arranging itineraries for incoming delegations to Taichung. Group trade missions to potential overseas markets are organized as well, including visits to other world trade centers and international trade shows. For more information, please mail to

Exhibition Facilities

Two air-conditioned exhibition halls are available for lease, with a total capacity of 246 (3mx3m) booths. For more information, please mail to

  • Hall 1 (1881 m2) - NT$72,864 - 121,440 /day
  • Hall 2 (2970 m2) - NT$114,609 - 191,015 /day
  • Hall 1+2 (4851 m2) - NT$170,430 - 284,050 /day
A 50% discount applies on installation and removal days. Rates are subject to seasonal adjustment.

Meeting Facilities

An auditorium and conference rooms of different sizes are available for lease on the second and third floor of Hall One. Half-day rental rates range from NT$20,000 for the auditorium (seating 700) and NT$8,000 for the large conference room (seating 150) to NT$2,500 for small conference rooms (seating 30-60). Charges include arrangement of seats, audiovisual equipment, signposts, general lighting, air-conditioning, microphones, and white boards. For more information, please mail to

Training Programs

We offer well-planned study courses for local companies. Training courses on foreign language, international trade practices, management, public relations, communication skills, and international marketing are available. In addition, seminars on specific topics are organized. For more information, please mail to

Cross-Straits Trade Services

With cross-straits business relationships becoming increasingly important, our featured services include organizing mainland China investment seminars, receiving incoming trade delegations, organizing outgoing trade missions, enhancing bilateral trade and economic exchanges, participating in trade shows on the mainland, organizing mainland trade shows in Taiwan, and disseminating trade information across the straits. For more information, please mail to

Wensun Community College

To serve its long-standing and reputable training courses, WTC Taichung established the Wensun Community College in June 2002 under the commission of the Taichung City Government. The college is open to citizens 18 years and older, with a wide-range of curriculum covering more than one hundred subjects. Wensun Community College has been praised for good programs and attracts over 6000 students each year. The goal of the college is to encourage lifelong learning that will build an active society enriched with knowledge. For more information, please mail to