About WTC Taichung

Striving to help you accomplish your mission

Taichung lies at the center of the highly populated industrial belt of Taiwan’s west coast. With its extensive transportation network, including Taichung Harbor, Ching-Chuen-Kang Airport, High Speed Rail, comprehensive highways and expressways, Taichung serves as the hub for direct cross-straight flights and international business activities. Taichung is home to six million residents in the Central Taiwan. With its pleasant climate and ideal geographical position, Taichung has long been the center of cultural and business life for the region.

WTC Taichung is a non-profit organization established in 1990 by the city government and business community of Taichung, Taiwan. Its primary goal is to enhance the commercial environment in Taichung and the surrounding Central Taiwan area. WTC Taichung offers exhibition and convention facilities, as well as services to assist both local and overseas business people.

WTC Taichung has been a regular member of the New York based World Trade Centers Association since 1990 and is the second world trade center on the island after the Taipei World Trade Center. WTC Taichung maintains close relationships with over 334 world trade centers from nearly 92 countries around the world.

The World Trade Center Taichung provides following services to the trade, obtaining market information, organizing meetings, or staging exhibitions in the Taichung area. Our spacious and well facilitated exhibition hall and parking lots can accommodate your space and equipment needs, and most importantly, we have experienced professionals ready to work with you to accomplish your goals.